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We are a proud sponsor for the m.i.f.e.

We are going to TURN IT UP this year at the Miami International Fit Expo. You can expect a VIP photo booth, Free tote bags with every purchase (so you have something to carry all those free supplements that will be handed out), NEW APPAREL, Raffles, giveaways, AND you'll have a chance talk to all of our national level athletes, 3 of which you will see on the M.I.F.E. stage that very same day.

Soooo, youre coming, right?



....someone that has the mental fortitude to stand up for the person standing next to them, to openly encourage the people who are down and out. As someone who isn't afraid to stand up for unity within your community no matter what. As someone who pushes to be the best at whatever they are trying to accomplish. That's what we're about, that's our culture, that's our movement!

You in?

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The style

Clothing is the simplest way to indirectly express your individuality. Its the first thing people see. People will make decisions about you based on your style and the brands you associate yourself with. Click HERE to associate yourself with a brand known for its Stylistic Positivity.