Insta: UA_belgian_vindie


My name is quentin Berghmans. I am 29 years old, I'm a competitor in the NPC. I'm originally from Belgium and have been living in the US for about a little more than 4 years.

Back in Belgium I served in the army as a green beret for six years. In that time I went overseas twice . The green beret is where I found what it means to push my physical and mental limits. After leaving the army I moved to America. I started to miss challenging myself so I started MMA and started competing. I have competed in several grappling and BJJ tournaments. After s few injuries, I decided to put my focus totally on my dream which was becoming a bodybuilder.


I found that bodybuilding competitions, especially the prep part of it, reminds me of pushing myself to new limits. Mentally and physically, I could relate it to my career as a green beret. In early 2016 I competed in the mens physique division to get a feel for what it takes to compete. Since then I've fell in love with it. I'm switching to classic physique division in 2017.

Trust yourself and your dreams. Work for your vision, leave it all at the gym. Passion is free