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It all started when...

I decided that taking action was my moral obligation.

My name is Taylor Orberg. I am the founder of Urban Athletics, LLC. I'm responsible for this movement and I've been preparing for it my entire life. I have to thank my parents. I feel my upbringing is a huge contributing factor to the moral, ethical, and mental balance i focus on so much. I was born and raised in Jupiter, FL. I moved to ft. Lauderdale, FL  around 2013. 


I graduated early from homeschool and immediately went to a trade school to be an automotive refinishing technician. I am a very hands on, Artistically inclined type of individual. The only way i know to succeed is to WORK MY ASS OFF. I've never been ok with being second best. 


I got involved in the Fitness industry in 2010. I quickly realized that there was great potential to bring forth improvement and positivity in myself and everyone around me. I've been pushing hard to achieve my goals and help others achieve theirs ever since.