Insta: @UA_Richhf

My name is Richard Frank and I am a member of Urban Athletics. To me, Urban Athletics is more than just a clothing line. It is a way of life. Urban Athletics represents passion, hard work and dedication. These are qualities a person should have, not only in the gym, but in their daily lives. I am a firm believer in giving all I can give, no matter what the task is. 

I have been training for almost ten years. My lifting career started back in high school as a student- athlete. Due to numerous shoulder injuries from playing football, I had to give up the game I loved during my senior year in high school. Football was my passion when I was growing up. It was all I played, starting at age 9; all the way up until I was 18. Despite not being able to play anymore, I still wanted to be involved with the game I loved. While in college, I began to coach to tackle football for my community. I went back to the team I played for growing up.

They say, “Those who can’t do, teach.” So, since 2011, I have been coaching for the Coral Springs Chargers. The players that I have coached are 13-15 years old. I enjoy coaching this age group because there is a high level of competition and talent amongst the other teams that we play against. I also enjoy coaching this age group because I can serve as a role-model to the players. Because they are teenagers, some of them in high school, they are at an important time in their age when they will develop into the men they will become for the rest of their lives. It is vital for them to have the life-skills and key qualities that will make them successful later on in life. When I coach, I teach them how to play the game safely and correctly. What I also do is teach them the values of teamwork, responsibility and integrity. When I see that a player begins to get tired and is on the verge of quitting, I motivate them to keep going. The most important quality I can teach to my players is refusing to give up. 

So, as you can see, I have two passions in my life: the gym and coaching football. I plan on doing both until I am at a very old age. I feel that these two things bring out the best in me as a person. In regards to the gym, I am in a competition against myself. Every day is a new day to get better from the day before. With football, I bring out the best in my players. Each practice is harder than the day before. Both of these passions involve the motivation to get better. Setting a goal, reaching that goal and feeling a sense of achievement. Once that goal has been reached, a new goal must be set.