We’ve set in our minds that complacency is synonymous with failure
— Taylor Orberg

The Goal...

To take a stand against inequality. To be treated as equals. To embrace our free will. To take advantage of opportunities. To take a chance; Accept the risk. To live your lifestyle, not one force fed by media. To make every action represent your passions, goals, and ambitions. To represent who YOU really are, and be exceptional in a crowd of people. To take pride in what you do, and accept nothing less than being the absolute BEST at it.


The Movement...

Stay true to who you are. It can be difficult to find a path that leads to individuality. Yet, the moment you find and embrace the power of your individuality is the moment you can start fighting for your worth. 

Once you have strength within yourself, the only way to keep growing is to build strength within your community. Buildings, bridges, roadways....they are the figurative building blocks of society. The individuals are the glue. However, the blocks we have are crooked, bent, weathered, and twisted. That makes our job, as a team, dependent on humility. An elevated sense of humility, not one that can be feigned. One that can unite a group of people from all walks of life for a sole purpose....


Unity can bring back peace. Unity can rebuild our society. Its the drive, the passion, having the mental fortitude to say "I'm not happy with where WE are, i know WE can do better", and then putting in the blood, sweat, and tears that are needed to make that change. People have many different reasons for why they start down a path. One thing is for sure though, we are all striving for the moment we know for a fact we've made an impact. 

There is no "Point break"where you start impacting peoples lives. We've come to the realization that when you start believing in a cause, and then acting on it daily, thats when you start impacting the people around you. You probably won't even know you are doing it and thats the strongest sense of gratification that you can achieve.